Fancred’s Most Viral

These shared links were the most popular outside of Fancred on Tuesday, April 15. People texting, tweeting, emailing, and Facebooking these links make them our most viral. 

1. The best Penguins fan out there is this baby.

2. “Joakim Noah Plays defense on Lebron" GIF is hilarious.

3. The Derrick Rose action figure…some assembly required. Bench and suit sold separately.

4. Motivational posters lying out on the Boston Common.

5. Here’s why Gareth Bale was worth the money.

Fancred Challenge Results: What’s Cooler Than Being Cool?


We asked the Fancred Community to share an amazing, interesting, and maybe even ridiculous hockey moment. Here’s a sampling of what they posted.

We’re breaking it down today into three types of posts:

The Games: We kick things off with the first round classic last year between the Bruins and Maple Leafs. Down 3 goals in game 7 with 11:00 min left, and 2 with 1:30, the Bruins capped the greatest comeback in NHL postseason history with an overtime winner. They went on the reach the Stanley Cup finals against the Blackhawks. Looking to push it to game 7, the Bruins suffered an agonizing loss, giving up 2 goals in 17 seconds to lose the cup. Finally, we flash back to 2006 when the Carolina Hurricanes proved every nay-sayer wrong by winning the Cup.

The Goals: Before we get to the best saves, we have the best goals, which is kicked off by a goalie scoring. Next up is Mikael Granlund’s goal of the year a few years back against the Russian national team. An equally crazy wrap-around goal came in a playoff game between the Blues and Kings when Alex Steen put the team on his back, scoring a game winning, short-handed overtime goal. Now for the dangles. First is Bobby Ryan of the Ducks weaving through the Preds to score a nasty goal. And then come Jamie Benn with the Dangle, Snipe and Cele combo.

The Crazy Moments: The crazy moments are highlighted by a fight that has its own Wikipedia page. What’s crazier than that fight? How about a grown man biting another grown man’s finger. As far as crazy saves are concerned, Tuukka Rask and Simeon Varlamov are unmatched. Finally we’ve got another one of the best hockey brawls highlighted by the two hall of fame caliber goalies, Patrick Roy and Mike Vernon.

Fancred’s Most Viral


These shared links were the most popular outside of Fancred on Tuesday, April 15. People texting, tweeting, emailing, and Facebooking these links make them our most viral.

1. Phillies fans’ reaction to Dan Uggla’s Grand Slam: Priceless

2. At least Max Scherzer tried his best.

3. Remembering what happened one year ago #BostonStrong

4. The Illini’s new jerseys are quite orange, and they are quite dope!

5. 5-Star recruit decommits via Email, Nick Saban doesn’t respond.

Fancred Challenge: Get In My Belly!


We challenged the Fancred community to showcase some of the best or most ridiculous foods money can buy at sporting events. Here’s a sampling of what was shared.

Food is an essential part of attending sporting events, it’s simply part of the experience. Whether you’re traveling to a new city or venue, or you’re a a season ticket holder there are meals you won’t pass up. For instance Baltimore is a city known for its fresh crab so Camden Yards features a Mac & Cheese Crab dog. If that’s not enough seafood, try a classic Baltimore crab cake at an O’s game.

Regional restaurants are also a big attraction. Attending a game at Citi Field? Stop by the East coast favorite Shake Shack. Down at Charlotte Motor Speedway? Try some Bojangles.

Baseball games are known for serving foods in helmets, and none look tastier than the Nachos at Target Field in Minnesota. You’ll have to travel out to Los Angeles for a west coast rival in the ‘Nacho Daddy at Angels Stadium.

Not enough food? How about the giant chicken grill at Atlanta Motor Speedway or the behemoth that is the ‘Strasburger' at Nationals Park in D.C. Lastly if you're in the mood for something even remotely healthy, look no further than Edgar’s pork carnitas at Safeco Field.

Fancred’s Most Viral


These shared links were the most popular outside of Fancred on Sunday. People texting, tweeting, emailing, and Facebooking these links make them our most viral.

1. Congrats to Mississippi St. for breaking the college baseball attendance record!

2. The site of the original Dudy Noble Field on Mississippi State’s campus.

3. Think they might be missing a letter

4. Kevin Ollie can get down.

5. 11 of the most delicious and disturbingly large ballpark foods.

Bonus: This crying ‘Bama fan when you get a “Cred Dump”

The Cred Report: All The Sports

Welcome back to another edition of The Cred Report, your weekly digest of the sports world as seen through the eyes of the Fancred community.

We introduced a new version of the app! Say hello to the Fancred Timeline. The Timeline can be viewed by tapping on your score. You can see the date on which you hit a specific Cred score. There are also GIFs for every Cred Bump, like this one and this one.

From the locker room to the field, quite a bit happened this week. Let’s get  caught up with anything you might have missed.

After choking on 15 and 16 at The Masters, we think Jordan Spieth could use a few lessons from this baby.

Derrick Gordon of UMass became the first active college men’s basketball player to openly admit that he’s gay.

Who had the better Men’s Basketball National Championship GIF: James Young or Ryan BoatwrightTrick question, the answer was Kevin Ollie.

UConn is the only team to win both the Men’s and Women’s Tournament in the same year, and they’ve done it twice. Needless to say there was a party in Storrs, one that was captured on a GoPro for the rest of the world to see.

Who did it worse on Monday and Tuesday: Derek the RA or DrakeLet’s be real, they were both pretty bad, but Drake is gonna Drake so it’s gotta go to Derek the RA.

Even though the 2013-14 college basketball season is over, Athlon Sports has you covered with their Top 25 Rankings for 2014-15.

We all shed tears and said goodbye to 8-year old Princess Lacey.

The Washington Wizards signed a 10-year old cancer-stricken girl to a 1-day deal! John Wall credited her presence for the victory.

LeBron James is actually a real person that makes mistakes and admits to them?

Who was smoother: this umpire or Andrew McCutchenTrick question, the answer is and always will be Johnny Manziel, also known as the REAL J-Smoove.

A handful of teams in the MLB had home openers this week. Here’s a picture of the people rolling in at Yankee Stadium.

Speaking of baseball, here are 11 unreal foods you can get at MLB ballparks.

In case you’re thinking of going up to Michigan for the game, here is the pricing chart for tickets to Manchester United vs. Real Madrid at The Big House.

Thanks for reading as always. See you next week!

The Heat Check: UConn Do It

The Heat Check is a weekly basketball feature written by Fancred Intern Ryan Simshauser showcasing the basketball week that was as told through the eyes of the Fancred community.

A lot happened in the world of college and professional basketball over the last few days. So in case you missed anything, here’s The Heat Check.

NCAA: This edition marks the last time in many months that The Heat Check will get to feature NCAA D1 basketball. It has been a pleasure covering the Fancred reactions to the insanity that was college basketball this season.

A quick rundown of the NCAA championship game using GIFs: Kentucky played UConn and it was pretty close most of the way. UConn started pulling away because of shots like this but Kentucky would close it because of their youth and athleticism. In the end UConn pulled it out, and their campus went berserk for two days straight because after they won the Men’s Championship, they came back the following night and dominated the Women’s Championship. Of course Drake was there to celebrate with the women’s team, after picking the wrong team to cheer for in the men’s game.

So the season is over, but it’s never too early for a Top 25. See you next year.

NBA: As the college season ends, the NBA season is really starting to pick up. The NBA Western Conference playoff race is coming down to the wire, with four teams within 2 games. However, all of them have a better record than every Eastern Conference team aside from the free-falling Pacers and not-so-hot Heat.

In a matchup between the Eastern powerhouse Miami Heat and playoff hopeful Memphis Grizzlies, the Grizzlies defense and outside shooting proved too much for the Heat to handle. With around four games left and the Grizzlies, Suns, and Mavericks all playing each other once, the season is going to come down to the last few days. Just the thing to ease my transition out of college basketball.

Fancred’s Most Viral

These shared links were the most popular outside of Fancred on Thursday. People texting, tweeting, emailing, and Facebooking these links make them our most viral for April 10th.

1. Clint Dempsey is making $6,695,189, can you guess how much the lowest paid player is making?

2. Honestly this says more about the scores of the rest of the QB’s.

3. Derrick Gordon becomes the first openly gay athlete in NCAA D1. Awesome story and amazing step forward!

4. ”And when you know the story, You look at a touching photo of a 7 ft basketball player affectionally holding an 8 yr old in his arms and you realize, you’re seeing the picture backwards. Really she was the one lifting him up.”

5. Drake just cant catch a break

Bonus: You know it’s still the Adidas mess up!

The Cycle


Welcome to another edition of The Cycle, a look at the past week of baseball through the eyes of the Fancred community. It’s been a wild first few days of games, and Fancred was all over it.

The home opener is always a joyous occasion, whether you’re a player getting his ring or just a fan taking it all in. In the early going you often see the rankings in an order you’re not used to, and if you’re in LA, you might get a celebrity rapper throwing out the first pitch as well.

Regardless, new seasons cause us to harken back to the days of old, whether it’s to one of the greatest ballpark fights of all time, or Hank Aaron’s legendary record breaking home run. Today, we see umpires doing everything from checking instant replay to being acrobats, and we see the most absurd ballpark food in the world. Interesting contrast.

Mike Napoli, the bearded one, called out his former teammate on his beard. Andrew McCutchen forgot where second base was. Adrian Beltre is quietly building an impressive legacy. The Dodgers continued the national trend of terrifying mascots. Baseball has more personalities and storylines than a soap opera, and it’s only April. The Fancred community is along for the ride, and we can’t wait to see where the ride goes.

Fancred’s Most Viral

These shared links were the most popular outside of Fancred on Wednesday. People texting, tweeting, emailing, and Facebooking these links make them our most viral for April 9th.

1. Derrick Gordon becomes the first openly gay NCAA D1 athlete!

2. Adidas’ error is still topping our charts.

3. Tickets: $50 Popcorn: $20. Rain: Free. Becoming an internet sensation and a Fancred’s Most Viral GIF: Priceless

4. Reppin’ the Cred at the title game.

5. Lacy is gone but her beautiful spirit lives on. RIP.

Bonus: No new titles.