Welcome to Fancred

Hello from Fancred,

We believe that the sports experience isn’t all it can be, that the online and offline worlds of sports fans are unnecessarily segregated, and that the online world in particular is full of noise and drowned out voices that deserve to be heard. To be blunt, we believe that traditional social media doesn’t work for sports fans the way they should.

Fancred wants to solve these problems by providing a social destination for sports fans. We want sports fans to be heard, and we want them to connect with each other. Most of all, we want Fancred to be the place that fills the everyday needs of fans.

So, what is Fancred? Fancred is a social platform that lets fans build their sports credibility.

Founded in August 2012, Fancred is a social app that measures the life of a sports fan and provides a personalized way for them to communicate, discover, and consume their favorite sports content.

We’ll be in touch with more updates over the coming weeks. Thank you for your interest in Fancred.

Hossein Kash Razzaghi, CEO